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One Act Play

Performed within the Madwomen, A trio of Acts shows

16, 17, 22, 23 June 2018

At The Little Theatre,Molloy Street, Bunbury

Directed by Fransciena Draper

Cast of the stage show 'Shadows' written by Josephine Carter ad directed by Fransciena Draper.  Performed by the Bunbury Repertory Club in June 2018



Erica Strong

Jennifer Kain

Susan Peak

Trista Palmer


Kym D'Ath


Dion Rogers


Nicole Dye


Gary Donovan

Dr Blake

Colleen Harris-Smart




Behind the scenes Crew

Stage Manager

Megan Mepham

Director's mentor

Shelley Stubbs

Set Construction

Bruce Smart

Jacob D'Ath

Set Painting

Ann Silver

Ben Mepham

Fransciena Draper

Kellie Mepham

Stephanie Mepham

Lighting and Sound

Kellie Mepham


Fransciena Draper and Cast


Fransciena Draper and Cast

Advertising and Marketing

Shelley Stubbs

Poster Design

Shelley Stubbs, Pied Piper Marketing

Program Coordinator

Wendy Taylor

Front of House & Bar Coordinators

Jacob D'Ath and Shelley Stubbs

Trybookings Coordinator

Shelley Stubbs

Written by Josephine Carter 


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