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A short History of the Bunbury Repertory Club

The Bunbury Repertory Club was established in 1932 and was incorporated in June 1946, though there had been various theatre and music groups in the area prior to that date.

The Club operated out of The Little Theatre in Molloy Street from 1946 to 2009. In 2005 the building was

damaged by a tornado, which also damaged the New Lyric Theatre, the ABC studio,

the Catholic Cathedral and many other buildings in Bunbury.

The Little Theatre was out of action for almost a year whilst part of an exterior wall

and the roofwere replaced and the interior repaired.

Unfortunately in 2008, it was discovered that a very destructive family of termites had also been "bitten" by the theatre bug as they steadily feasted on our timbers. They refused to leave the stage and sought endless encores from their unseen audiences as they ate away at supporting beams over

and under the stage and to the rear of the auditorium.

From 2008 to 2009, the BRC spent valuable funds trying to remove the termites at The Little Theatre. During this time the BRC was only able to perform a few shows at the New Lyric Theatre. 

It soon became apparent that the age of the building and the type of construction meant

that the cost of repairing the damage was beyond the capacity of the Bunbury Repertory Club;

so after much agonising, the site was sold in 2010.

Since then we had been floating around hiring venues when needed and leasing a

premises in the City centre to rehearse and create sets etc.  

In Jan 2014 we took on the Eaton Hall on Pratt Road in Eaton.   Renaming it  'Little Theatre' we are inconstant movement in creating it into a fantastic home for the club.

From it's origins as a mini town hall we have created a stage, bought auditorium seating and generally butslowly turning it into fantastic intimate theatre.

We have grand plans that are going to take time but for now we

have a new home in Eaton with the neighborhood welcoming us with open arms.  

New home pics will be added soon. 

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