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Madwomen, a trio of acts

Three One Act Plays

Shadows was performed section each performance and Anzac Biscuits and A Royal Pain alternated each night from first and third

Performed 16, 17, 22, 23 June 2018 

At The Little Theatre, Pratt Road, Eaton

Madwomen, A Trio of Acts performances publicity poster.  Performed June 2018 by Bunbury Repertory Club.  Design by Pied Piper Marketing, Australia

Directed by Ann Silver

Written by Rob Smith and John Mawson

Directed by Fransciena Draper

Written by Josephine Carter

Written and Directed by Kellie Mepham

Monologues between acts were performed by

Charise D'Ath

Stephanie Mepham

Kym D'Ath

Click each title for a detailed look and cast, crew and pics
Seating was done a little differently than the normal for the club.  Couches and chairs with pillows, blankets were dotted around the Auditorium.    The four performances sold out quickly and a fifth matinee on June 23 was added which also sold out. 
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