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Wanted One Body

Performed April/May 2001

At The Little Theatre, Molloy Street, Bunbury 

Directed by PAtricia Marshall


CAST (in order of appearance)


Miss Barraclough

Ally Marshall

Mabel Middy

Teesha Weston

Anne Beale

Shelley Stubbs

Ted Johnson

Jeff Penter

Mr Blundell

Rod Kroon

Mr Mickleby

Paul Bele


Jeannette Spragg

Doctor Brown

Peter Davis

Mr Sorrell

Jamie Blake



Behind the scenes Crew

Stage Management Team

Russell Jeffrey     Susan Jeffrey

Anne Pfenning     Kathy Ramsay


Geoff Relph


Wendy Taylor

Set Construction

Norm Jackson     Roy Kelly

Rod Kroon    Gordon Marshall

Gordon Monk    Anne Pfenning


Patricia Marshall

Bar Co-ordinator

Vlodic Wojchiechowski

Front of House Co-ordinator

Gordon Monk

Special Thanks to:

Anne Pfenning for her magnificent construction of our Suit of Armour, window, panels and her valuable hours spent helping and advising. Jeannette Spragg for "fossicking" through the wardrobe, Keith Cramer for our "Bookcase" and Sue and Russell Jeffrey for their enthusiastic support.

Written by Raymond Dyer


Wanted One Body - BRC 2001
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