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Triple Bill

Three one Act Plays

Performed 14, 15, 16 & 17 August 2014

At Little Theatre, Pratt Road, Eaton

At Home WIth the Herringbones 

Directed by Colleen Harris-Smart


Cast (In order of appearance)
Lord Alfred Herringbone

Chris Nixon

Penelope, Lady Herringbone

Gloria Rogerson


Ritch Hammond


Lisa Campbell


Kate Davenport


Written by Bob Charteris

The City or the BusH 

Directed by Norm Flynn


Cast (In order of appearance)
J F Archibald

Ed Taylor

Henry Lawson

Charise D'Ath

Banjo Patterson

Eachan Harrison


Written by Norm Flynn and Adrian Egan


The Morning After 

Directed by Miranda Santalucia


Cast (In order of appearance)

Colleen Harris-Smart


Norm Flynn

Written by Penny Swingler



Behind the scenes Crew

Stage Manager

RJ Smolders

Lighting Design

Rod Kroon

Lighting Operator

Melinda Nixon

Sound Operator

Rod Kroon

Marketing Coordinator

Shelley Stubbs

Graphic Design

Shelley Stubbs

Costumes and sets

Cast and Crew of individual plays

Set Construction

Bruce Smart and Mark Stubbs

Set Painting

Shelley Stubbs and Kate Davenport

Program Coordinator

Wendy Taylor

Front of House coordinator

Ritch Hammond

Box Office

Central News, Bunbury &

All playwrights are West Australian.


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