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The Gingerbread Lady


CAST (in order of Appearance)


Jimmy Perry

James Clothier 


Brian Groom

Toby Landau

Sharelle Potter

Evy Meara

Diane Takeda

Polly Meara

Nichole Reilly

Lou Tanner

Peter Leedham




Behind the scenes Crew


Shelley Stubbs

Stage Manager

Doreen Relph

Assistant Stage Manager and Prompt

Iris Hill


Geoff Relph

Set Construction

Ritchie Hammond

Phillip King

Mark Stubbs 

Gordon Marshall

Shirley Crouch 

 Peter Crouch

Rod Kroon

  Wendy Taylor

 Norm Jackson


Set Artist

Bernie Dowley


Margaret Kelly


Shelley Stubbs

Charise D'ath

Bar Manager

Vlodic Wojciechowski

Kitchen Coordinator

Wendy Taylor

Front of House Coordinator

Gordon Monk

Booking Agent

Central News, Bunbury 

Written by Neil Simon


Performed February 2003 

At The Little Theatre, Molloy Street, Bunbury

Directed by Val Hughes

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