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The Crucible

Performed 7,8,9,14 & 15 March 2008

At the Little Theatre, Molloy Street, Bunbury

Directed by Shelley Stubbs

This was the last play to be performed at the Little Theatre, Bunbury. 

CAST (in Order of Appearance)


Reverend Parris

Ian Bean

Betty Paris

Cara Ellis


Michelle Holt

Abigail Williams

Siobhan Whitbread

Susanna Walcott

Janet Fry

Ann Putman

Wendy Taylor

Thomas Putman

Scott McLeod

Mercy Lewis

Tara Simmonds

Mary Warren

Melinda Bell

John Proctor

Ed Taylor

Rebecca Nurse

Patricia Marshall

Giles Corey

Ritch Hammond

John Hale

Glen Perks

Elizabeth Proctor

Cristy Downey

Francis Nurse

Paul Williams

Ezekiel Cheever

Micheal Caddy

Marshall Herrick

Daniel Juengling

Judge Hawthorn

Conor Steadman

Governor Danforth

Rod Kroon

Sarah Good

Wendy Taylor



Behind the scenes Crew

Stage Manager

Connie Mills

Director’s Assistant

Janet Fry

Stage Assistant

Frank Furfaro

Set Construction

John Cox

Mark Stubbs

Frank Furfaro

Conor Steadman

Micheal Caddy

Set Painting

Richard Patterson

Poster and Programme cover design

Peter Teede


Deb Prentice

Program Content Coordinator

Wendy Taylor

Lighting Design

Geoff Relph

Lighting Operator

Grant Downey

Print Media Publicity

Shelley Stubbs

Other publicity

Maureen Eaton and Jeannette Spragg

Bar Manager

Patricia Marshall

Front of House and Kitchen Coordinators

Shirley Crouch and Rebekah Whild

Written by Arthur Miller
Sponsored by Healthway and the Bunbury Mail
The Publicity for this play won
the 2008 ITA Robert Finlay award for Publicity and Design


ITA Independent 
Theatre Association - Robert Finley Award Winner 2008
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