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Sex Cells

Performed October 16, 17, 18, 23, 24 2020

At Little Theatre,Pratt Road, Eaton

Directed by Wendy Taylor

Sex cells full cast.jpg




Fransciena Draper


Clare Simms


Laurae Delane


Armelle Donovan

Mr Causeway

Gary Donovan




Behind the scenes Crew

Stage Manager

Rod Kroon

Assistant Stage Manager

Jewel O'Shaughnessy

Stage Crew

Dion Rogers

Set Design

Wendy Taylor

Set Construction

Rod Kroon, Ron Tait, Bruce Smart

Set Painting

Rod Kroon, Ron Tait, Wendy Taylor

Lighting Design

Rod Kroon and Tim Dyson

Sound Design

Rod Kroon

Lighting and Sound Operator

Tim Dyson


Jewel O'Shaugnessy, Janice Phillips and Cast

Marketing Coordination

Wendy Taylor

Poster Design

Clare Simms

Show Photography

Bella Delane and Armelle Chaussat

Program Coordinators

Wendy Taylor and Armelle Chaussat

Front of House

Jacob D'Ath

Bar Managers

David Windsor and Rod Kroon

Written by Anna Longaretti


Bunbury Repertory Club - Sex Cells 2020.
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