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Pink String and Sealing Wax

Performed March 1999

At The Little Theatre, Molloy Street, Bunbury

Directed by Val Hughes

CAST (in Order of Appearance)


Miss Eva Strachan

Vicky Parr

Mrs Myra Strachan

Margaret Parr

Master Albert Strachan

Matt Jeppesen

Mr Edward Strachan

Rod Kroon

Miss Jessie Strachan

Karen Hammond

Miss Emily Strachan

Rozalind Murray

Dr 'Shea

Gordon Monk

Mr Earnest O'Shea

Peter Davis

Mrs Pearl Bond

Monica Neville



Behind the scenes Crew

Produced By

Wendy Taylor

Stage Manager

Inez Cook

Assistant Stage Manager

Iris Hill

Stage Crew

Don Cook

Props and Set Painting

Ann Pfenning

Pat Walker


Margaret Kelly

Make up

Marie Hammond

Set Construction

Roy Kelly

Brian Groom

Norm Jackson

Gordon Marshall

Gordon Monk

Lighting Design

Geoff Relph


Jane Harvey


Jeff Harvey


Rod Kroon

Wendy Taylor


Patricia Marshall

Bar Co-ordinator

Vlodic Alex

Kitchen Co-ordinator

Estelle Reardon

Box Office

Central News, Bunbury

Written by Roland Pertwee


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