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Move over Mrs Markham


CAST (in order of appearance)


Joanna Markham

Roslyn Manning

Alistair Spenlow

Gordon Marshall


Karen Hammond

Linda Lodge

Margaret Parr

Philip Markham

Ron Tait

Henry Lodge

Ritchie Hammond

Walter Pangbourne

Norm Jackson

Miss Smythe

Shirley Crouch

Miss Wilkinson

Lynette Bartley

Diane Takeda (final performance)



Behind the scenes Crew

Stage Manager

Anne Pfenning

Assistant Stage Manager

Marjory Carruthers

Lighting and Sound

Geoff Relph

Set Construction and Painting

Roy Kelly     Anne Pfenning

Geoff Relph   Norm Jackson

Set Decor

Margaret Kelly


Margaret Kelly and Cast


Patricia Marshall

Bar Co-ordinator

Vlodic Wojchiechowski

Front of House Co-ordinator

Gordon Monk

Box Office

Central News, Bunbury

Special Thanks to:

Fuller's Auctions who are always most willing to help us out.

Written by Ray Conney


Performed February/march 2001

At The Little Theatre, Molloy Street, Bunury

Directed by Roy Kelly

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