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Dead on Nine


CAST (in order of appearance)


Tom Hammond

Shane Tyrrell

Robert Leigh

Terry Maggs

Marion Dale

Gemma Backshall

Esmeralda Leigh

Roslyn Manning

Richard Farrow

Ritch Hammond

Gladys (the maid)

Shirley Crouch

Leslie Booth

Reuben Unkovich


Paul Meleng




Behind the scenes Crew

Stage Manager

Iris Hill

Assistant Stage Manager

Greta Jackson

Special Props

Anne Pfennig

Lighting and Sound

Geoff Relph

Set Construciotn and Painting

Geoff Relph

Terry Mags

Norm Jackson

Trent Moir

Gemma Backshall

Anne Pfennig

Set Artistes

Richard Patterson

Lyn Mosca

Set Decor

Doreen Relph


Val Hughes and Cast


Shelley Stubbs


Patricia Marshall

Bar Manager

Vlodek Wojciechowski

Kitchen Coordinator

Roslyn Manning

Front of house

Gordon Monk

Box Office

Central News, Bunbury

Written by Jack Popplewell 


Performed April 2004

At The Little Theatre, Molloy Street, Bunbury

Directed by Val Hughes

Produced by Shauna Maggs

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