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Butterflies are Free


CAST (in  order of Appearance)


Don Baker

Paul Hayward

Jill Tanner

Kym McDermott

Mrs Baker

Wendy Taylor

Ralph Austin

James Clothier



Behind the scenes Crew

Stage Manager

Anne Pfennig

Lighting & Sound

Rod Kroon

Lyn Mosca

Set Construction & Painting

Geoff Relph

Terry Mags

Rod Kroon

Peter Crouch

Anne Pfennig

Wendy Taylor

Anne Pfennig

Gordon Marshall

Set Artiste

Lyn Mosca


Wendy Taylor


Shelley Stubbs


Patricia Marshall

Bar Manager

Vlodic Wojciechowski

Kitchen Coordinator

Roslyn Manning

Front of House

Gordon Monk

Box Office

Central News, Bunbury

Written by Leonard Gershe


Performed June 2004

At The Little Theatre,Molloy Street, Bunbury

Directed by Rod Kroon

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