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Wolfs Clothing

Performed  29, 30, 31 October & 1, 6, 7, 8 November 1969

At The Little Theatre, Molloy Street, Bunbury

Directed by Shura Alex


CAST (in Order of appearance)


Yuli the maid

Karen Mickle

Julian Calvert

Peter Turner

Sally Calvert

May Dunn

Lady Blore

Hilda Murray

The Right Hon. Sir John Blore,M.P for the protectorates and dependancies

Ron Middleton

Jabet Spicer

Shiela Hilton

Andrew Spicer

Robert McCormick




Behind the scenes Crew

Stage Construction

John Frost

Dennis Daniels


Hilda Murray

Make- up

Connie Clarke

Shiela Wallis


Marc Purchon


V. Alex

Written by Kenneth Horne


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