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David Williamson's

When Dad Married Fury

Performed April 20,21,22,27 & 28 April 2018

At Little Theatre,Pratt Road, Eaton

Directed by Roslyn Manning

David Williamsons' When Dad Married Fury artwork for Bunbury Repertory club



Alan Urquhart

Ron Tait


Taneeka Grant

Ian Urquhart

Gary Donovan

Sue Urquhart

Suzanne Hughes

Ben Urquhart

Paul Williams

Laura Urquhart

Charise D'Ath


Kate Martin

                                 Behind the Scenes Crew


Stage Manager

Connie Mills

Assistant Stage Manager

Iian Waddell

Director's Mentor

Shelley Stubbs

Set Design

Alli Pyne

Set Construction

Bruce Smart

Jacob D'Ath

Colleen Harris-Smart

Mark Stubbs

Ron Tait

Iian Waddell

Set Painting

Alli Pyne

Yarno Pyne

Lighting and Sound

Rod Kroon


Roslyn Manning and Cast

Advertising and marketing

Shelley Stubbs

Poster/Graphic Designs

Shelley Stubbs

Program Coordinator

Wedny Taylor

Front of House

Jacob D'Ath

Bar Coordinator

Shelley Stubbs

Try-bookings Coordinator

Shelley Stubbs

Written by David Williamson


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All Videos

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