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October 21st - 23rd and 27th - 30th 1994

At The LittleTheatre, Molloy Street, Bunbury

Directed by Allan Hughes


CAST (in order of appearance)



Noreen Leibmann


Roger Leibmann

Frances Daughters:
Sophie -Christine Bond
Helen - Catherine Foot

Nicole Chappel

Freddy Wicks

Norm Flynn

Saul Morgenstien

Steve Lee

Wedding Celebrant

Charles Newby

Gallery Attendant

Marge Carruthers



Behind the scenes Crew

Lighting Design

Geoff Relph

Lighting Operator

Keith Mell

Set Construction and Design

John McDonald

Geoff Relph

Sound Recording

Terry Salom

Sound Operator

Vini Gelarty

Stage Crew

Marge Carruthers

Margaret Nutley

Luke Sullivan

Amy Hughes

Johanna Hughes

Decor Painting

John McDonald

Make up and Hair Design

Debbie Bello, Rembrandt Hair Design

Written by David Williamson


Travelling North

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