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One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest


Performed 23, 24, 25, 30, 31 March 2012

At The New Lyric Theatre, Bourle Street, Bunbury

Directed by Shelley Stubbs

This was first production rehearsed at Little Theatre Workshop in Ramsey Street, Bunbury


CAST (in Order of appearance)

Chief Bromden

 Tony Martin

Aide Warren

 Keegan Zykowski

Aide Williams

 Adam Hartnup

Nurse Ratched

 Roslyn Manning

Nurse Flynn

 Allivia Bartlett

Dale Harding

 Paul Williams

Billy Bibbit

 Yarno Pyne


 Gordon Marshall


 Rod Kroon


 John Hanczakowski


 Ron Tait

Randle McMurphy

 Glen Perks


 Joesph Figliuolo

Dr. Spivey

 Ritch Hammond

Candy Starr

 Charise D'Ath


 Sally Shanhun



Behind the scenes Crew

Stage Manager

Connie Mills

Lighting Design

Rod Kroon

Lighting Operator

Lyn Whitehurst

Sound Design and Operator

Garry Bailey

Stage Assistant

Kathleen Williams

Projector Operator

Shelley Stubbs

Set Design

Shelley Stubbs

Ken Whitbread

Set Construction

Ken Whitbread     Shelley Stubbs

Mark Stubbs     Lyn Whitbread

Connie Mills     David Mills

Gordon Marshall     Roslyn Manning

Bruce Smart  


Deb Prentice

Make- up

Deb Prentice and Cast


Deb Prentice

Set Painting

Lyn Whitbread

Props Manager

Colleen Harris-Smart

Marketing Coordinator

Shelley Stubbs

Poster/Artwork/Program cover design

Shelley Stubbs

Program Content Coordinator

Wendy Taylor 

Box Office

Central News, Bunbury

Adapted by Dale Wasserman from the novel by Ken Kesey
BRC One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest Poster
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