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Charley's Aunt


CAST (in order of appearance)


Jack Chesney

Brian Mahoney


Charles Hall

Charley Wykeham

David Shearer

Lord Fancourt Babberley

Bob Morrow

Colonel Sir Frances Chesney

Kim Crossing

Kitty Verdun

Daun Sturrock

Amy Spettigue

Joan Nevin

Stephen Spettigue

Aubrey Bellett

Donna Lucia D'alvadorez

Babs Bain

Ela Delahay

Robin Bain




Behind the scenes Crew

Stage Manager

Tano Mangano


Rosemary Pidgeon

Peter Reger

Make up

Betty Dawe

Connie Clarke


Mae Huggins


Viti Berry


Hubert Davies

Music by Nicholsons

Written by Brandon Thomas


Performed September 10 for 10 nights 1959

At The Little Theatre, Molloy Street,Bunbury

Produced by Ron Appleton

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